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By Lori A Cash

Welcome to my Field Notes blog where I will share wildlife and nature conservation field notes of my experiences in the field, conservation information and news, conservation articles, updates on my conservation photography projects and how readers can help to protect our natural world.

I have been photographing wildlife and nature for over 30 years but recently have joined the world of wildlife and nature conservation photography. I have always have had the motto of wanting to share my photography vision of the natural world with others in hopes that others would learn to appreciate the natural world. So, I have always been a conservationist photographer in my heart. As an individual I have always been a conservationist.

A brown pelican stretching its gular pouch while standing on a post at sunrise on a winter morning in Mill Creek at Phoebus Waterfront Park in Hampton, Virginia. Brown pelicans stretch their gular pouch to maintain the skin’s flexibility so that they can capture their prey with their very large bill.

One of the reasons I am joining the conservation photography field is so that I can also combine my writing with my photography so I can share visual stories of wildlife and nature that I photograph. I especially love birds and have a special interest in waterbirds. I want to share my experiences with these magnificent creatures in the hope of inspiring others to take action to protect these beautiful birds and their environment.

I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and lately have mainly focused on photographing the wildlife and nature of this costal Virginia area. My conservation photography will focus mainly on the Hampton Roads of Virginia area, but on this blog, I will also share information, articles, and various other ways that we can protect all our world’s wonderful wildlife creatures as well as our beautiful world.

A crab boat with gulls and pelicans around the boat at sunrise in the Chesapeake Bay off the Fort Monroe National Monument in Hampton, Virginia. Gulls and brown pelicans like to follow fishing boats in the water in hopes that they may snatch some of the fish or discarded carcasses.

I am not new to blogging as I have been sharing my journey with my wildlife and nature photography on my other website at Lori A Cash Photography. I will continue to post on both blogs with my Field Notes blog concentrating just on my conservation photography.

I want to use my photography to advocate and support conservation awareness and action to protect our wildlife and our natural world.

I hope you will follow my Field Notes blog as I share my journey into the field of conservation photography. I hope to inspire and educate readers on how to get involved and to take action to protect our natural world.

An adult and an immature brown pelicans resting on posts in the water at Mill Creek in Hampton, Virginia.
An adult and an immature brown pelicans resting on posts in Mill Creek in Hampton, Virginia.

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Thank you for reading my Field Notes Blog, and hope you will share this post with others.  

Let’s protect our wildlife and nature!



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