Link to My Interview with Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast

May 25, 2021

I was interviewed on Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast hosted by Marsha Wietecha on May 24, 2021 where we discussed photography including my journey into the field of conservation photography as well as sharing some personal info about me. Below, I have included a link to my interview with Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

Talking About My Photography Journey In My Interview

In my interview with Marsha, I shared how I got started in photography and how I developed my special interest in bird photography. In addition, we discussed why conservation photography is my true calling in photography. We also talked some about the camera equipment that I use these days.

Revealing My Physical Limitations on my Interview with Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast

This personal information that I revealed in this podcast interview involves medical issues that I have been dealing with and withholding from the photography world. Since 2016, I have been having an issue with both of my eyelids drooping and involuntarily closing, on and off, all day, every day. Some days are much tougher than other days.

Over the past year, I have also developed some other symptoms including generalized weakness. I have not received a diagnosis yet, as the medical field has not been able to identify what is causing my medical issues. I wanted everyone here in the group to be aware as I revealed this info in my podcast interview.

Despite the physical limitations that I have, I still manage to do what I love most which is photographing wildlife and nature and sharing these images with others. These medical issues have given me a purpose with my wildlife and nature photography and is what has lead me to the field of conservation photography. I want my photography to matter, and I want to inspire others to advocate for and protect this beauty of our natural world including wildlife and their habitats.

My Photography Mentors Discussed on Born to Talk Radio Show Podcast

Also, in this interview with Born To Talk Radio Show, I shared the two biggest photography mentors who have influenced me and who have had the biggest impact on my developing my photography style and my storytelling skills for conservation photography. These two mentors are Art Morris and Jaymi Heimbuch.

Art Morris, renowned famous bird photographer, was my inspiration and helped me to develop my skills as a bird photographer. I studied his images, read his blogs, read his photography guides and was a participant in an Instructional Photo Tours back in December 2006. I developed my style of bird photography from his teachings.

Jaymi Heimbuch, wildlife conservation photographer/naturalist/instructor, has more recently influenced my photography as I have transitioned to the field of conservation photography and storytelling. I am learning a lot from Jaymi through taking a conservation photography 101 course from her Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy and as a member of her Wild Idea Lab. Wild Idea Lab is an paid membership community for conservation photographers and filmmakers of all levels where creative folks with diverse backgrounds can share their experiences and learn skill sets. The various tools and trainings that are offered to members of Wild Idea Lab have help guide me to reach a new level with my conservation photography.

Link to My Interview With Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast

The one-hour interview was an awesome experience as I really loved talking about photography with Marsha. Hope you will check out my interview with Born To Talk Radio Show.

I would love to hear what you think of my interview with Born To Talk Radio Show podcast.

Thank you for reading my Field Notes blog , and I hope you will share this post with others.  

Let’s protect our wildlife and nature!

All the very best,


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