Norfolk Botanical Garden Photography Exhibit Wrap Up

May 03, 2022

Today, my month long photography exhibit at Norfolk Botanical Garden has ended. Norfolk Botanical Garden was a fabulous host, and many thanks to them for having my wildlife and nature photography displayed at Baker Hall Visitor Center. It was a great pleasure to see people looking at my displayed images and seeing their reactions. I hope many people found a new appreciation for the different wildlife species and the many nature subjects that were part of my photography exhibit, For the Love of Photography: A Collection of Wildlife and Nature.

The inspiration for my photography exhibit, “For the Love of Photography: A Collection of Wildlife and Nature“, was my image of an “American Bullfrog Sitting on Pine Needles” that I had photographed at Norfolk Botanical Garden in 2020. This image has had several honors and awards including Top 250 Winner in the 2022 NANPA Showcase Photo Competition, Top 250 Winner in the 2021 Share the View International Nature Photography Contest and finalist in the 2020 Great Outdoors Photo Contest by Outdoor Photographer. Thus, this image became my showcase piece, and I am very proud to say that this framed print was sold during my photography exhibit.

I am very honored to have sold my showcase piece (American Bullfrog Sitting on Pine Needles) selling as well as 11 more pieces from my photography exhibit.

Lori A Cash with her image, “American Bullfrog Sitting on Pine Needles” framed print on opening day of her photography exhibit at Baker Hall Visitor Center at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

My artist reception held on April 7, 2022 was a great success as well as was my photography exhibit all together. This was such a fun and exiting time for my photography. I truly enjoyed this great experience and hope to have another photography exhibit soon.

As always, I appreciate the support from so many of you. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Check out the You Tube video slideshow of my images displayed at my photography exhibit at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk, Virginia during the month of April 2022. I have recently started a You Tube Channel called Lori A Cash Wildlife Conservation Photography.

Hope you will check out my new You Tube Channel and subscribe.

Thank you for reading my Field Notes Blog, and I hope you will share this post with others.

Let’s protect our wildlife and nature!

All the very best,


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