How I Got the Shot Article Posted on NANPA Blog

May 31, 2022

Here is a link to my article on How I Got the Shot of my NANPA Top 250 image, American Bullfrog Sitting on Pine Needles.

This article was, posted today on the NANPA Blog. Learn how I was able to capture the image of this bullfrog at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Hope you will check it out!!!

Thank you for reading my Field Notes Blog, and I hope you will share this post with others.

Let’s protect our wildlife and nature!

All the very best,


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2 replies to “How I Got the Shot Article Posted on NANPA Blog

    1. loriacash – Lori A Cash is an award-winning wildlife and nature conservation photographer who has over thirty years experience photographing wildlife, nature and conservation subjects. She, as a photographer, has always had a love for the natural world and hopes that her images will inspire others to appreciate our natural world. Lori resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Through her conservation writing and photography, Lori continues to want to inspire and educate others about the beauty of the natural world and to advocate for the protection of wildlife with a special emphasis of the state in which she lives.
      loriacash says:

      Thanks so very much, Katy!

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