National Pollinator Week

Eastern carpenter bee (Xylocopa virginica) enjoying the nectar of a bee balm plant on a summer morning at the Williamsburg Botanical Garden in Williamsburg, Virginia.

June 23, 2022

This week is National Pollinator Week from June 20-June 26, 2022. Pollinator week is an good time to celebrate our important pollinators such as bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, birds, bats, and beetles. This week in June is a great time to raise awareness for pollinators and spread the word on the importance of pollinators.  

Why Pollinators are Important

Pollinators provide an essential part of our plant reproduction process that helps to produce our food supply of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Our pollinators have been on a decline, and it is vital that we bring awareness of the importance of pollinators to our biodiversity. Without our pollinators and the work that they do our food supply would crumble.

Male monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) with open wings resting on butterfly bush in backyard butterfly garden on a late spring evening in Hampton, Virginia.

How to Protect Pollinators:

One of the best ways to enjoy pollinators and all they work they do is to create your own pollinator-friendly garden in your yard, school yard or even in your neighborhood. Planting a variety of plants that are native and non-invasive and that have flowers that bloom from spring to late fall will provide the best opportunities for helping to increase the pollinator population. It is best to refrain from using pesticides in your pollinator friendly garden.

One of the prime ways to help with pollinator conservation is to spread the word about our need for pollinators for our biodiversity. We can the spread the word about the importance of pollinators for ecosystem through our social media platforms or by sharing with others such as friends and neighbors about what each of us can do to help protect our very important pollinators.

Happy Pollinator Week!!!


Let’s preserve and conserve our natural world!!!

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