Upcoming Conservation Photography Presentation on The Happiness Hour


On August 24, 2022 I will be giving a free Zoom presentation called The World of Wildlife Conservation Photography on Linda Nickell’s The Happiness Hour for photographers at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time,

These Zoom meetings can be accessed free on Linda Nickell’s Happiness Hour Schedule part of her website. Also, these presentations can be found on Linda Nickell’s YouTube website. Linda has created a fabulous place for photographers to get together and to “Connect. Inspire. Create.”

So, there are plenty of chances to catch my presentation in case you miss it live on August 24, 2022 at 8:30 pm Eastern Time. Linda’s You Tube channel has lots of the older presentations, and she lists the new and upcoming presentations on her website under the Happiness Hour Schedule. Be sure to check out Linda Nickell, her website and YouTube Channel.

Silhouette of brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) on post in a series of a head throw at sunrise at Phoebus Waterfront Park in Hampton, Virginia.

The above image that I created in Photoshop from a series of of this one brown pelican displaying his head throw behavior at sunrise is what turned my focus on conservation photography.

Here is the information posted on Linda’s website regarding my upcoming presentation.

SESSION 121 – August 24, 2022


Wildlife conservation photography is the creation of wildlife images and/or stories that inspires people to take action or change their behaviors about wildlife species and their habitats. After 30 years of being a bird and wildlife photographer, Lori A Cash, transitioned to the growing field of conservation photography in 2020. In her journey to make a difference with her wildlife photography, Lori will share tips and insights she has learned on how to make an impactful difference in the world of wildlife conservation photography with your wildlife images and storytelling


Hope you will check out my presentation later this month on the Happiness Hour.

Let’s preserve and conserve our natural world!!!

Thank you for reading my Field Notes Blog, and I hope you will share this post with others.

All the very best,


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