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Responsible Photography Collective is about promoting photography as an art, a force for goodness, practicing photography in ways that do no harm to people, animals, and places that make up our world. We provide information and resources to help you be a responsible and ethical photographer.

Photography has become a very popular hobby and profession as more cell phones and digital cameras become available for the masses. There are ways to be a responsible photographer and capture images responsibly.

In wildlife and nature photography, these masses of photographers seeking fame or capturing “the shot” have also negatively affected our environment and private, public and protected lands.  These negative factors have had some devastating impacts on our lands by the increase in the amount of foot traffic and trash that has harmed our ecosystem.   

In wildlife photography, responsible photography involves how images are captured such as whether harm was afflicted toward the wildlife and whether human interaction has caused any harm to wildlife. One such example of bringing harm to wildlife for “the shot” is by giving the animal food as a way to photograph the animal or to get a dramatic image. Another example of a hot topic with wildlife photography is how close some photographers get to the animal to capture their images. Getting too close to an animal to capture an image can bring a lot of stress to the animal and interfere with their normal animal behavior. We hope to help provide the resource so that wildlife photography as well as other genres of photography are done in a responsible way.

We at the Responsible Photography Collective want to be able to provide free resources for all types of photographers whether you are looking to develop or needing guidance in responsible photography practices. There are ways to be a responsible, conscientious photographer. It is very beneficial to have personal photography ethics and principles to reference, and we hope this website and blog will help photographers if they ever find themselves in an ethical quandary or situation.  

We hope this website will be a benefit in your photography journey. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or need advice about responsible photography.

Let’s preserve and conserve our natural world!!!

Thank you for reading my Field Notes Blog.

I hope you will share this new website for ethical and responsible photography with other photographers. You can find us a Thank you!

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