Nature Photography Day is June 15

Marsh along the Pagan River Harbor on a spring sunset from the view of the Smithfield Station in Smithfield, Virginia.

June 09, 2023

Nature Photography Day is observed every year on June 15. This is a great time to stay connected with nature. If you are a nature photographer, I hope you will grab your camera and enjoy some time with nature on Nature Photography Day.

North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) created Nature Photography Day in 2006. This day is a way to promote the enjoyment of nature photography and to raise awareness of the role that nature photography plays in conservation efforts. June 15th was chosen as it is the date of the founding of NANPA in 1994.

Nature and wildlife photography images are used to promote conservation causes that impact our natural world. Also, these wildlife and nature images help protect wildlife, landscapes and plants.

Here are few suggestions to celebrate Nature Photography Day: spread the word about Nature Photography Day; use your images to tell vital and impactful stories about about nature; share your knowledge about nature photography with others, and learn more about nature, wild plants and wildlife.

Lori A Cash of Lori A Cash Conservation Photography in the field photographing wildlife.
Lori A Cash in the field photographing wildlife.

On Thursday, June 15, I plan to be outside in nature with my camera documenting the nature and wildlife that I love so much.

Thank you for reading my Field Notes Blog, and I hope you will share this post with others.

Let’s preserve and conserve our natural world!!!

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  1. Very cool post about Nature Photography Day! Thank you for all your advocacy, promoting awareness, and sharing!

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