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Lori A Cash is an award-winning wildlife and nature conservation photographer who has over thirty years experience photographing wildlife and nature. She, as a photographer, has always had a love for the natural world and hopes that her images will inspire others to appreciate our natural world. Lori resides in Hampton, Virginia and loves to focus her conservation efforts by photographing and storytelling about the biodiversity around the Commonwealth of Virginia. Lori is interested in documenting and advocating for habitat connectivity especially in Virginia. Through her conservation storytelling and photography, Lori wants to inspire and educate others about the beauty of the natural world and to advocate for the protection of our environment and wildlife.

Lori’s wildlife and nature images have been published in a variety of media including television, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, chamber guides, travel guides, internet, social media, blogs, newspapers and calendars. Magazine publications that have published Lori’s images include National Wildlife Magazine, NANPA Expressions, Virginia Wildlife Magazine, American Butterflies Magazine, WildBird, Nature Photographer, Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine and Our Common Agenda Briefing Book by Virginia Conservation Network. Lori also has had articles with her images published online on conservation blogs, on Nature Photographers Network, Journal on Think Tank Photo website as well as publishing her articles on her own website.

She has received many awards and honorable mentions in several photography contests including 3rd place in the 1990 Rockland Lobster Festival Photo Competition in Maine, 2nd place in the Mammal category of the 2006 Wildlife in North Carolina Photo Competition, 1st place in the Birds category and 1st place in the Animal Behavior category in the 2007 Wildlife in North Carolina Photo Competition, 1st Place in Birds category and Best in Show in the 2007 The Great Outdoors Wildlife Photography Contest, Honorable Mention in 2021 Keep Chesapeake Beautiful Photo Calendar Contest, Finalist in the Great Outdoors 2020 Photo Contest by Outdoor Photographer, selected as part of Virginia Wildlife Magazine’s 2021 Annual Photography Showcase, Grand Prize Winner of the 2022 Our Common Agenda Photo Contest held by Virginia Conservation Network, Honorable Mention in the 2021 Virginia Vistas Photo Contest in the Wildlife in Vistas category, Top 250 winner of 2022 NANPA Showcase Photo Competition, two images in the Top 250 winning images in the 2021 Share the View International Nature Photography Contest, selected as cover image in the 2022 Virginia Wildlife Magazine Annual Photography Showcase issue, category winner with 2023 Our Common Agenda Photo Contest and second place in the 2022 North American Butterflies Association Photo Contest.

Lori is co-founder of the Responsible Photography Collective website and blog which provides resources for responsible photography for all types of photographers. She is the founder and administrator of Hampton Roads Nature Photography Facebook group. Lori is a member of North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).

Lori is a partner photographer with Wild Virginia which is an environmental conservation organization that protects and connects Virginia’s wild places. She serves as a member of the communication team for Wild Virginia. Lori is currently working on a conservation photography project on the Virginia Wildlife Corridors and Crossings with Wild Virginia and Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative.

Lori is available to be a guest speaker for presentations on conservation photography, responsible photography or on wildlife and nature photography topics via Zoom or in person within Virginia. She loves to talk about these topics and share her knowledge and experience with others. If interested in having Lori speak to your photography club or organization, contact her at lacphoto@outlook.com.

Follow Lori on her wildlife and nature conservation photography blog, Field Notes Blog, as she shares field notes, photography tips and techniques, wildlife conservation topics, as well as other wildlife and photography topics.

To view a larger collection of Lori’s wildlife and nature images, check out her Flickr page.

Lori regularly posts and shares her images on social media. Check her out and follow Lori A Cash on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Responsible Photography Collective is about promoting photography as an art, a force for goodness, practicing photography in ways that do no harm to people, animals, and places that make up our world. We provide the information, but what you do with that information is up to you.
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