Virginia Wildlife Corridors and Crossings Project: A Conservation Photography Project

Creating habitat connectivity in Virginia by creating wildlife corridors and wildlife crossings.

Creating Habitat Connectivity

Lori volunteers as a partner photographer with Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative.

As a Virginian and a conservation photographer, I am working closely with Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative and Wild Virginia to educate and bring awareness to the need for wildlife corridors and wildlife crossings in Virginia through my photography and storytelling. Wildlife corridors and crossings are essential for the safety of the wildlife and to decrease the amount of vehicle-animal collisions in Virginia.

White-tailed deer doe (Odocoileus virginianus) pausing in the woods by the roadside.

Raccoon (Procyon lotor) appears to be a harmless and small animal but can cause serioes damage to vehicles undercarriage when a collision between vehicle and raccoon occurs.

Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) sitting in tree on the side of a road.
American black bear (Ursus americanus) strolling along a canal eating grasses along a rural road.  Black bears often use a variety of habitat types.
An early morning along a country road in Albemarle County in Virginia. There have many changes to the landscape in Albemarle County which has lead to problems with habitat fragmentation.
Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) especially red fox kits are frequently victims of vehicle-animal collisions.
Wildlife Crossing Underpass that is located under a bridge on Hwy 17 at Dismal Swamp Canal area in Chesapeake, Virginia.
My image of Red Fox Vixen Walking was used in an
article written by Ellie Toler of Wild Virginia on January 8, 2022 called “Wildlife Rescue Director Discusses Importance of Crossing for Orphaned Virginia Species“.
White-tailed deer by Lori A Cash used in the Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Newsletter in July 2022.

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