My Encounter with a Delmarva Fox Squirrel

Delmarva fox squirrel is native species to the Delmarva Peninsula Region in the Eastern United States. Recently, I had the privilege to have encounter with this species at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Best Photography Spot in Newport News, Virginia

Lion’s Bridge located in Newport News is the best photography spot for with osprey, pelicans, herons, cormorants, deer, and scenic views of the James River.

Great Blue Herons at Yorktown Beach

Photographing great blue herons at Yorktown Beach in the very early morning light creates opportunities for diverse compositions.

Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Williamsburg Botanical Garden has great potential for nature and wildlife photography and is located within Freedom Park in Williamsburg, Virginia.

York River Summer Sunrise

The York River sunrise captured on a cool late summer morning from downtown Yorktown, Virginia by Lori A Cash Conservation Photography. Lori shares tips on how these stunning sunrise images were photographed.

Photographing the Sunrise At Buckroe Beach

August 18, 2021 Recently, I spent the morning in the field at Buckroe Beach photographing the sunrise. As usual I arrive around 45 minutes prior to sunrise at my location. I love to photograph the gorgeous colors of civil twilight. Often this period before sunrise, provides some of the best colors for your landscape photos.Continue reading “Photographing the Sunrise At Buckroe Beach”

American Bullfrogs at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

August 9, 2021 Capturing images of American bullfrogs at the Norfolk Botanical Garden is one of my favorite things that I like to do in the spring and summer. Last year, I discovered a new love for photographing these adorable frogs. I spent a lot of time last summer taking pictures of the bullfrogs inContinue reading “American Bullfrogs at the Norfolk Botanical Garden”

In the Field During Summer Solstice at Lake Drummond

Last Sunday, during the Summer Solstice, I was in the field at Lake Drummond an hour before the sunrise. Lake Drummond’s Wildlife Drive opened up early at 4:45 am for a few days during the Summer Solstice. I had never been to Lake Drummond before and found this opportunity hard to pass up. The LakeContinue reading “In the Field During Summer Solstice at Lake Drummond”

In the Field at Fort Monroe National Monument

June 9, 2021 Over the past two months I have been out in the field at Fort Monroe National Monument. I have spent a lot of time capturing tons of wildlife and nature photography images. Fort Monroe National Monument is located at the tip of the Virginia Peninsula in Hampton, Virginia. I have even spentContinue reading “In the Field at Fort Monroe National Monument”

Osprey Nesting at Fort Monroe National Monument in Hampton, Virginia

This spring I have been out to Fort Monroe National Monument on a regular basis photographing the nesting ospreys. There are at least 8 pairs of ospreys that have built nests at Fort Monroe on either nesting platforms along Mill Creek or on top of light poles around the grounds of Fort Monroe. There couldContinue reading “Osprey Nesting at Fort Monroe National Monument in Hampton, Virginia”

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