American Bullfrogs at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

August 9, 2021 Capturing images of American bullfrogs at the Norfolk Botanical Garden is one of my favorite things that I like to do in the spring and summer. Last year, I discovered a new love for photographing these adorable frogs. I spent a lot of time last summer taking pictures of the bullfrogs inContinue reading “American Bullfrogs at the Norfolk Botanical Garden”

Ways to Protect the Monarch Butterfly

July 14, 2021 The monarch butterfly has been in decline these past two decades, and we need to protect the this species. This decline is due to habitat loss, climate change and due to the use of pesticides. The monarch butterfly is also known as the milkweed butterfly. As part of the monarch’s habitat lossContinue reading “Ways to Protect the Monarch Butterfly”

Volunteering with Wild Virginia

June 13, 2021 This month, June 2021, I began volunteering with Wild Virginia which is a non-profit organization located here in Virginia. As a volunteer with Wild Virginia, I currently serve as a member of their communications team. I look forward to helping Wild Virginia to spread the word about their conservation work in VirginiaContinue reading “Volunteering with Wild Virginia”

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