Welcome to my conservation photography projects page. Currently, I am working on two conservation projects that mean a great deal to me which are the Virginia Wildlife Corridors and Crossings and my Butterfly Habitat Oasis Project.

Virginia Wildlife Corridors and Crossings is an important conservation photography project that I have undertaken to bring educate and bring awareness by writing conservation photography articles, blog posts and posts on social media.

The Butterfly Habitat Oasis Project came from me creating a backyard butterfly garden after a recent move to a new house. I wanted to create this butterfly and pollinator garden to especially help with the decreasing population of Monarch butterflies and to provide shelter, food, water, host plants and a variety of nectar plants for all butterflies. Spring 2022 will be my first spring with my backyard butterfly garden in this new house. I will be documenting and keeping track of my butterfly friends that pass through my backyard butterfly garden oasis. I will be tracking the Monarch migration as well as reporting my sightings to Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP).  As a volunteer with MLMP, I will aid in conserving monarchs by reporting and documenting data from my backyard butterfly garden. In 2022, my backyard butterfly garden has been certified as a Monarch Butterfly Garden and as a Certified Butterfly Garden by the North American Butterfly Association and certified as a Monarch Waystation by Monarch Watch.

Please click on the image or project name to see that particular project page.

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